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I’m an experienced senior digital product designer that has worked across startup, FinTech, private and public sector products, continually proving innovation, motivation, and high quality work. I’m goal focused, enjoy stakeholder engagement and aim to collaborate with other inspired developers, designers and organisations, developing their businesses and brands.

On leaving school I studied Engineering and getting a distinction secured me an apprenticeship with Jaguar as an automotive technician. Three years later I was fully qualified.

It was while at Jaguar that I realised I was capable of much more as I spent most of my time eyeing up the cars and thinking about how amazing Jaguars could be if they were designed differently. When the X-Type was revealed, that was it, I knew I wanted to be a designer. Seeing a brand such as Jaguar making such monumental mistakes was something that inspired me to leave my job, Southampton and study design. It was at this point I realised I had a genuine thirst to make things better. I worked at Southampton dockyards working 84 hour weeks repairing freight trains to save up the money to put myself through university and as soon as I could I enrolled myself on the BA (Hons) Automotive Design course in Wales.

MG Car Design Sketch

While studying I was opened up to the world of design but soon found I could utilise skills I had been taught in the past; to quickly problem solve, to do a job properly and to think outside the box. The course was about much more than cars, it was about design in general, the world, technological advancements, history, branding and most importantly, people. For me, making a difference for the better is something that fuels my ambition to learn as I think a designer should work in society for society in whichever discipline.

Citroen CC Autonomous Vehicle Car Design Sketch

I chose to specialise in UX and UI design because there is massive scope for me to be creative. Developing new ideas, solving interesting problems and working on lots of exciting projects, I create prototypes using either paper and pen, shareable wireframe or responsive HTML and CSS in the browser. My degree gave me a good foundation on which to build as I'm now really starting to see how my background is helping me carve out the role of a senior digital product designer.

Mockingbird Wireframe Screenshot


(1) User experience design; (2) user interface design; (3) interaction design; (4) service design; (5) data visualisation and big data; (6) HTML and CSS responsive rapid prototyping; (7) wireframing (Balsamiq, Mockingbird, Axure, Gliffy); (8) heuristic evaluation; (9) competitor analysis; (10) user research; (11) interviewing; (12) Sketch & Adobe CS (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver); (13) presonas; (14) information architecture; (15) site maps; (16) workshops; (17) conversion optimisation; (18) A/B testing; (19) Google Analytics; (20) WordPress; (21) copywriting; (22) traditional sketching and rendering; (23) methodologies (Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Lean).

Responsible for:

(1) Ownership, enhancement and creation of UI elements and design guidelines; (2) approaching business problems using design thinking processes and user centred design (UCD); (3) framing problems and solutions from a user’s perspective; (4) designing solutions that meet business requirements and user needs within the technical constraints of the project; (5) leading and providing QA on the work of other designers and devs in the team; (6) executing interaction design and visual design as a part of a multi-disciplinary team; (7) user journey mapping and carrying out interviews; (8) coaching designers and non-designers on design thinking process; (9) collaborating on user experience planning with project managers and product owners; (10) researching user experience and technology trends.


(1) Invented & patented world’s first accessible wind resistant umbrella; (2) published paper ‘Five Questions', submitted and delivered at Cumulus, an international design conference held at Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany – paper challenges origins of great design and great designers.

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